Caring for your Tattoo

When you get a tattoo, chances are things will go well and the healing will be seamless. At times though, the healing process may not go as planned. It is however avoidable by using the Best Soap for Tattoos. Yet, challenges may still arise, and such instances, seeking medical advice is paramount.

Getting Proper Medical Aftercare

Not many doctors are well versed, matters tattoos. Your tattoo artist might be in a position to refer a knowledgeable doctor. So, if the healing does not go as planned, do not fear to ask for a referral. A tattoo comes with some pain, and that is totally normal. For some, however, the pain may get to unbearable levels. Over-the-counter painkillers will do the trick, and you can flaunt your new piece without wincing in pain.

What to do to Ensure Proper Healing

To start with, disregard opinions from family and friends. Most of them do not have any solid solutions to offer. Information offered, if any, could be detrimental to your healing process. After 1-2 hours of getting a tattoo, the bandage should be removed. Like any other wound, the bandage could be stuck to your skin. If so, wash your hands and use a paper towel to dry them. Then, place your bandage under running water, it will surely come off. Take note though, freshly done tattoos are not to be soaked. Pools, ponds, and hot tubs are a no-go zone! Water in such places contains bacteria and unwanted chemicals.

What soap is Suitable?

Soaps used should have no fragrance, nor alcohol. Dial among other brands have such products. Check ingredients if unsure, for alcohol-based soaps lead to dried up skin and itching as a result. Once you have a suitable soap, wash off ink, plasma, and dried up blood. As you do so, avoid washcloths as they harbor bacteria, a plain hand is more than enough. Once satisfactorily clean, dry using a paper towel. Again, a towel is out of bounds due to bacteria build up. At this point, some might be tempted to rebandage the tattooed area. Leave it free, it has some breathing to do.

Washing Frequency

Throughout the healing period, wash 1-2 times a day. Mind you, washing in high frequency washes off the body fats responsible for skin regeneration. In view of that, you can wash once in the morning as soon as you wake up. The next washing time should be in the evening before going to sleep. Seeing clear plasma on the first day is expected and should be no cause for panic.

Use Ointments or Not?

For a tattoo to form as it should, ointments are a bad idea. They cause scabbing that is more than necessary. Since they fight infections, the skin ‘interprets’ that and initiates ‘extra healing’ which causes scabbing. Too much of babbling, bottom line is, no ointments!

Sleeping and Flaking

As indicated earlier, you should clean the tattoo area before going to bed. On the first day plasma may cause sticking to the sheets. Thus, if possible, one should sleep in loose clothing and minimal beddings if any. After a few days, the tattoo starts peeling off. While it is quite tempting, do not ‘assist’ the feeling process in any way. Let the flakes come out by themselves. Fragrance-free, non-alcohol-based lotion is usable at this juncture to curb on the scratching urge. Should your lotion itch after application, wash off and do not use it again. Avoid other irritants such as sunscreens and oils too. However, people are different, some might heal sooner than others. In respect to that, some may need to contravene all the do nots listed, due to some reason. In such cases, seek professional opinion from your artist, or anyone else knowledgeable on tattoos.

Hard to heal Areas

Tattoos on hands and feet are a bit hard to heal. These areas come into constant contact with items that contain bacteria, such as door knobs. In such instances, one should ensure surroundings are sparkling clean and wash hands every time they need to tend to the tattooed area.


In the long run, aftercare is important too. While at young stages sunscreen is advised against, at later stages it serves a vital role in keeping the tattoo color vibrant.