Did You Know Coffee Taste Different When Used With Certain Materials?

Coffee Taste Different When Used With Certain Materials

When you sip on that hot chocolate coffee mix or whatever, I bet you never think about the cup you are using. Its normal because you just want your coffee in the morning. But, what if I told you that coffee taste different based on the cup type you use. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well its not actually, and you can get a new taste on top of what you put into the coffee. So, the plastic, ceramic, or metal cup you choose to drink out of does matter. Here are a few more reasons to convince you.

Plastic Absorbs All Flavors

We all love to use plastic coffee cups because its cheap, but maybe it has something to do with the direct taste. Every time you go to a fast food place and drink the soda, you taste everything don’t you. Its because the drink you taste is connected to a plastic container. Plastic tends to absorb all flavors and give you the full taste. You will always get the full taste when using plastic with any drink. But, be careful because it comes with a problem. After awhile, the flavor you use in plastic cups gets stuck to the cup. You might want to change that plastic cup after a few weeks.

Plastic coffee cups from the coffee shop can be absorbed too. I know you think they can’t because they come from a special place, but there is nothing special about plastic. Whether your using funny coffee mugs made with plastic or something you got from a coffee shop, the flavor inside will be absorbed completely. Coffee has a taste that bonds closely with plastic cups. The coffee flavor will be strongly absorbed. If you were to clean the cup out, you would still taste the coffee weeks later. That is how strong the plastic absorbs coffee. Throw plastic cup away after a couple months.

Stainless Steel Impacts Flavor

Steel coffee cups change the way coffee taste sometimes. Its not guaranteed that your coffee will taste different if you use a steel coffee mug. But, you should not get your girlfriend funny coffee mugs made out of steel to be safe. Now, the steel can make the coffee taste better or worst. It depends on the flavor you use and the type of steel. The environment can also have an effect. Why does this happen? Scientist say it has something to do with the compounds in metal but its not really clear. The funny thing, no one can taste the same thing. It could be something that only certain people can taste. Some people can not taste the steel taste. It really depends on your taste buds.

Ceramic Takes Nothing From the Taste

Ceramic cups are the best for drinking coffee. They do not take away anything from the base flavor. You will not get any tingle unless you mixed it in the coffee flavor. This is the best option for people who like straight flavors. The worst option for people who like steel or plastic with coffee.