Should a Person With Fine or Thin Hair Skip the Conditioner?

Fine or Thin Hair Skip the Conditioner

Skipping the conditioner when washing your hair is based on how the conditioner makes your hair look. We get everybody uses conditioner to wash their hair. There is nothing really wrong with it. But, some people do not need to use conditioner. For some people, it makes the hair more oily, locky, stuck, dreaded, or unmanageable. People who fall into category should just skip it. People will say things, but its really your hair. Choose to use it or not use it. Look below, for wanting to hear more about this issue.

Why Should I Use Conditioner

Conditioner has many features for your hair. It provides your hair with a extra level of protection. It protects your hair from Sunlight damage, dirty chemicals, soap chemicals, and liquids. Using it will make your hair even cleaner after using a layer of soap. All this sounds good to use conditioner.

However, a person should only use conditioner if they really need. If the shampoo you have now gets the job done, then you don’t need conditioner. The best men’s shampoo for oily hair probably have conditioner built in so you don’t have to buy conditioner. You can see it in the shampoo description. You could skip wearing shampoo if you felt like you really don’t need it, or the shampoo was doing a good enough job. The real choice its up to you.

Can I Really Skip Using Conditioner

Some people report having problems with hair conditioner. Its mostly people with oily hair. They claim the conditioner weigh down hair and make it harder to clean the next time. Its hard to know the exact reason for this. Each hair conditioner you use is different. The only way to really know if the hair conditioner is best for you would be to read the description. Read what is on the back and see. You got to make sure you get the right conditioner anyway. The wrong conditioner can be fatal.

How to Enjoy Benefits of Conditioner Without Making it Unmanageable

The benefits of using hair conditioner is many. It helps your hair look cleaner. It makes you think you are doing something extra. Adds more volume to your hair. Reduces the static electricity you feel in your hair. Prevents flyways in your hair. It basically does a extra clean job for your hair. You should probably use it.

The benefits are good, but you do not need conditioner if it cause problems. The conditioner has been reported by people with thin or really oily hair to be bad. The best men’s shampoo for oily hair might be all you should get if you are a man. The same applies to women. If you find conditioner to be causing problems instead of solving, try not using conditioner for awhile. Nobody is forcing you to use it. Use hair conditioner if it works for your hair.